The eMagiz Enablement program

This is the moment, you have decided you are going to work with the eMagiz iPaaS. Whether you are going to use the platform in your organization (as a customer) or whether you are going to implement the platform for other organizations (as a partner); you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with the use of our platform and who within your organization should ensure that you get there as quickly as possible. To help you achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible (and thereby realizing the intended business value of the platform as quickly as possible), we established the eMagiz Enablement program. We do things a little different than our competitors, how? Read everything about our Enablement program below.

The fastest way to a higher developer productivity with eMagiz Enablement

With traditional iPaaS vendors, you will acquire knowledge about your new platform by entering a long and extensive training course. The vendors have often developed a learning path through which you get to know the platform better and better. You start at a basic level, then at an advanced level, and eventually you can call yourself an expert and you master facets of the platform.

A disadvantage of this training method is that you acquire a lot of theoretical knowledge in a short period of time and you cannot apply it directly in practice for the most part. To ensure that work is nevertheless delivered, there is the option of hiring external expertise. However, these external consultants are in general only trained to build integrations in your platform, not to increase the productivity of your employees.

This approach results in high costs and a great deal of effort, which is associated with the acquisition of theoretical knowledge that cannot be immediately put to use in practice. In addition, this leads to a slowly increasing productivity of the developer, the approach unnecessarily extends the time needed to reach the target level. It therefore takes much longer before the intended business value of the implemented solution is realized.

Within the eMagiz Enablement program, we do things differently. There are three phases that you go through to achieve your goal: Start, Structure & Scale.

Start: You start with an eMagiz Crash Course, where the material consists of all the basics of the platform. Then you immediately get started in the platform and start developing your first integrations. You do this under the guidance of our skilled expert services team.

Structure: We then ensure that you are quickly at home on the eMagiz platform through workshops, learning-on-the-job sessions and coaching. You quickly deliver your first working integrations. You can further acquire (theoretical) knowledge by following subject-based microlearnings: short blocks of teaching material about a subject. You can immediately test the theory of these learnings in practice.

Scale: You have learned to walk, now it’s time to run! Because you have used to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice, you have acquired a basic skill. By using your skills more often on a variety of new integrations, you will see that your skillset will increase rapidly.

Because skills are the result of theoretical knowledge combined with its practical application, developer autonomy, and therefore employee productivity, will increase much faster than in traditional training programs. 

The advantage of this approach are the lower costs and effort associated with the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, which can be put to use immediately in practice. It leads to a rapidly increasing developer productivity and improves developer autonomy. This exponentially shortens the time required to reach the target level. It therefore takes much less time to realize the intended business value of the implemented solution.