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The eMagiz platform is a powerful integration platform with which all applications and systems can be easily & conveniently connected and with which data flows are optimally automated and managed. We see that companies that efficiently digitally transform themselves and maximize their digital transformation are more successful and leaders in their industries. 

With the eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS, you develop a flexible, scalable & secure integration model. Our fully integrated integration lifecycle model helps develop and manage integrations quickly & flawlessly. By using flexible standard components in the field of messaging, API management and event streaming, you have the best solution for all your integration challenges with the eMagiz platform.

Standard integrated with software like

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Implement the eMagiz iPaaS

Internet of Things

Digital Transformation

Cloud & On-Premises integration

Master data management

Legacy Migration

Supply Chain integration

Our Low-Code Enterprise iPaaS solution

Low code

  • Drag and drop integration functionality
  • Connector store including best practices

Multi pattern

  • Discover API's & Events
  • Manage service catalogs
  • Connect legacy applications
  • Process streaming and transactional (synchrone and asynchrone) data

Enterprise iPaaS

  • Manage the integration landscape
  • Improve data governance
  • Connect on-premises and cloud locations
  • High availability and high-performance

A word from our customers

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Business & IT alignment

Mutual understanding between business and IT leads to value-added initiatives. With eMagiz, integrations are modeled in a visual manner, making integration development accessible and allowing your organization to bridge the gap between business and IT.

All in one platform

IT landscapes are always changing and consist of technologies of different maturity levels. eMagiz offers u a platform, with which you can connect any application regardless of the underlying technology.

DevOps, Compliancy & Architecture

Your organization operates in a highly competitive environment, in which digital transformation is important. U have to account for new collaboration models, legislation and architectural principle. eMagiz helps you by allowing you to combine these principles.

Quicker time-to-market

With eMagiz you are able to quickly and efficiently go through the integration development process. Using the integration lifecycle, all specifications and definitions are administered in the eMagiz portal. Using a model-driven development process, integrations can be realized at a high velocity.

Integration landscape overview

Having an overview of an increasingly complex environment is important for your organization. eMagiz offers you a visual overview of your integration landscape from a single, central location. This allows you to efficiently manage your landscape.

Uniform management of a distributed integration landscape

The eMagiz platform allows you to manage all integration in a single, uniform manner. Logging and alerting information of all components is available in the eMagiz portal. All components can be centrally managed, so you are always in control over your landscape.