Everything within reach

After the summer, organizations often start their new projects. During the integration development process, various functionalities are required and it may happen that you’re drowning in the number of software tools. The eMagiz platform offers a complete platform with multiple functionalities and supports you during development.

The summer is almost over and for many companies this means the end of the traditional ‘calm before the storm’ as many organisations start new projects after the summer. Despite the summer vacation, the developments of the eMagiz platform is not on hold and one of the newest released features, Flow Testingillustrates an important core principle within the eMagiz platform. That core principle is: eMagiz offers low-code support in the complete lifecycle of an integration, eliminating the need for external tools as much as possible.

Flow testing is a functionality within eMagiz that enables users to test their developed integrations using the uploaded or generated example messages. By defining an expected outcome and testing this, it is easy to determine whether regression has occurred and whether the integration still meets all requirements. Previously, additional and external tooling was used for this, now this is possible within the platform. This can save users a lot of time and ensure the quality of their work. A highly appreciated feature for users and one that illustrates the principle well.

eMagiz uses this principle in various places in the platform. By providing as much functionality in one platform as possible and thereby eliminating dependence on additional tooling, a number of advantages arise:

  • Your organization does not pay any license fees for a multitude of software tools. By standardizing on the eMagiz platform, you can complete the entire integration lifecycle within one platform.
  • Your employees do not have to invest time and energy in developing knowledge on a multitude of platforms. This makes it easier for them to maintain their knowledge, allowing them to work more efficiently.
  • You have one platform where you document information and develop integrations. This prevents incongruence of information and corresponding mistakes.

eMagiz uses this principle not only for supporting functionality but also for the integration technology that forms the basis of the platform. Often with integration technology, whether that’s messaging, event streaming, or API management, you need a specific product. Within eMagiz, these technologies are available within one platform and you can apply them in a hybrid form. Here too you can easily build up and maintain knowledge of integration technology on one platform, so you have everything within reach.

Are you currently drowning in the number of software tools to develop, test, and maintain your integrations? Are you currently missing functionality in your integration development process? Please contact us, so we can see how we could help you. Perhaps the storm after summer will turn out to be just a storm in a teacup.