The new GLDPM process: PVNED first program responsible party to go live!

Our customer PVNED had to modernize en redesign the entire IT-ecosystem with data management as primary platform for future growth.

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PVNED is a fast-growing, independent service provider in the Dutch and Belgian energy market, which supplies electricity suppliers and producers, industrial bulk consumers and balance and network operators with affordable electricity. They do this by maintaining balance, buying and selling, benchmarking, forecasting and pooling.

Need for modernization

After strong growth of the organization, the standard energy data management system of PVNED was no longer sufficient to provide a good overview of the available data. This created the need for modernization and redesign of the entire IT ecosystem with data management as a primary platform for future growth. PVNED has taken up this project and has realized the more than 80 integrations with eMagiz as integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Joint approach

“The collaboration with CAPE Group is very pleasant, partly due to the agile scrum approach, which ensured that the construction of many integrations with eMagiz and the development of a new customer portal could be delivered at the same time” said Remco de Kruijk (data analyst at PVNED ). “The first sprint included the transport, transformation and validation of measurement data between the back-end system and the customer portal. The second sprint added various integrations with customers and third parties to centralize external messages.”

Combine real-time information

PVNED had already investigated various frameworks to bring visibility into their integration architecture; an iPaaS fits perfectly into PVNED’s strategy to implement a good IT strategy that fits the principles of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). CAPE Groep has assisted PVNED with the creation of a scalable and future-proof integration architecture. In addition, a pilot has been started with one of the strategic customers of PVNED. An innovative concept for optimizing energy and cost reduction through real-time information was investigated. “It is nice to see that we can combine real-time information with our domain knowledge and create this innovative concept for our customers,” says Remco de Kruijk.

Future plans

“At an early stage, TenneT asked PVNED to cooperate in the” Transparency 4 XML “pilot project. It stipulates that the current EDINE protocol will be replaced by SOAP / XML. By using eMagiz, it was therefore very easy for PVNED to connect to TenneT. This is partly due to the simple way in which security standards such as TLS / SSL and WS-security can be applied in the eMagiz platform. The access to the backend systems of PVNED was also easy to achieve with this. As a result, it was not necessary for PVNED to invest in the renewal of these “legacy systems”, and they could still be used for message traffic with TenneT, “said Remco de Kruijk.

GLDPM stands for “Generation Load Data Provisioning Methodology” and replaces the old EDINE process “Transport Prognose”. The use of eMagiz was an essential part of this. Parallel to this PVNED started in the “Scheduling Task Force” team. This lays the foundation for the replacement of the old “E-program” process. PVNED expects that the methodology used for GLDPM will be reused in the links with TenneT.