State generation - added value through continuous data insights

In de afgelopen decennia zijn grote hoeveelheden data opgeslagen in allerlei soorten databases, data lakes en data warehouses. Databronnen waarvan organisaties vaak wel weten dat ze ze bezitten maar welke zelden worden gebruikt om real-time decision making te ondersteunen. Wat als we de mogelijkheid introduceren om specifieke datapunten te persisteren uit bestaande ‘stateless data’ in transit om stateful data te produceren? In deze blog vertelt Geert je er meer over.

MQTT: the Standard for IoT Messaging

MQTT, an OASIS standard messaging protocol for IoT. In his blog, Samet tells you how to tackle this topic, what processing style is required and how to connect your data streams to your processing engine using MQTT. He also tells which version to use to implement MQTT.

The digital twin, the solution for real-time decision making

As processes and assets are becoming more and more complicated, we also need to evolve the way in which we develop, manage and maintain them. Tools as the digital twin are needed to meet new realities of software driven processes and products. In this blog Mark explain what a digital twin exactly is and how you can develop one.

The best way to arrange security within your API gateway

API keys, HTTP Basic Authentication en OAuth, these are just three ways to arrange security within your API gateway. In this blog Leo explains when you apply which method and writes about the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

eMagiz joins DALTI, association for transport and logistics ICT suppliers

eMagiz, al ruim 10 jaar dé Nederlandse ontwikkelaar en aanbieder van een Hybrid Low-Code Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) en actief in de internationale applicatie- en data integratiemarkt, heeft zich met ingang van 20 oktober 2021 aangesloten bij DALTI. DALTI (Dutch Association of Logistics and Transport IT suppliers) behartigt de belangen van ICT […]

Everything within reach

After the summer, organizations often start their new projects. During the integration development process, various functionalities are required and it may happen that you’re drowning in the number of software tools. The eMagiz platform offers a complete platform with multiple functionalities and supports you during development.