Communicating with Kafka: What is the way to go?

Before you can benefit from the advantages of event streaming, your applications first need to be able to exchange data using Kafka. To make your apps speak the Kafka language there are two options: making your app Kafka native or using a translator. What these options look like, you’ll read in this blog.

Am I mature enough for a platform?

When is your organization ready for a platform? Many organizations run into growth problems. Solutions that previously worked well, now seem to slow down your organization. Systems don’t work together properly, solutions are not documented, further development is difficult and special knowledge cannot be found in the current job market. In this situation a platform can help your organization by making innovating and specializing technology available.

Mendix Data Hub as a catalyst for integrating your business data

In October eMagiz was announced as a launching partner in the Mendix Data Hub partner program. This blog we want to talk to you about the latest developments of the Data Hub and how it can help you with your work. With the Data Hub, Mendix has made it a lot easier to share data between apps and in this blog Samet, our Software Delivery Manager, also Mendix MVP, tells you how.

Becoming data-driven: start at the foundation!

Traditional organizations are increasingly transforming themselves into IT organizations where digital services have become a core business process. This raises questions with regards to employee competencies, integration with chain parties and the openess of data. Data and event-driven IT architecture is an important condition for the development of digital services but requires investments and choices.

Integrate fast and easy with the API gateway!

An API integration… How does this exactly work? And how do applications of different data formats communicate with each other? Read Leo’s blog in which he explains the topic API management and shows how this works in eMagiz.