Cloud & On-Premises Integration

Cloud & On-Premises Integration

Connect local data sources to the cloud with eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS

The cloud is indispensable in the digital transformation projects of many organizations. Many organizations have a cloud strategy and/or are moving to the cloud. But how do you reach the cloud? What do organizations have to account for? eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS helps organizations make the transition to the cloud succesfully.


The cloud is indispensable in the current digital digital economy. Software suppliers and organizations have found the way to the cloud and with it, new challenges have surfaced. The transition of moving your applications and data to the cloud can be a long journey with many pitfalls. Organizations often have more than a dozen application distributed over their landscape, either managed by the organization itself or by an external organization. All these applications are connected to both applications and devices and are exchanging data. High volumes of data must be safely and reliable exhanged, often in a distributed landscape with both cloud and on-premises locations. It is this data exchange that poses a large challenge for organizations.

How do you make sure that deprecated applications can still safely exchange data with modern applications in the cloud? How do you make sure your local data sources are available in the cloud when your partners or customers require you to do so? How do you bridge the gap between old and new technology in terms of connectivity? eMagiz helps organizations succesfully handle these challenges and unlock the power of the cloud.

eMagiz and the Cloud

There are many arguments to fully or partly move to the cloud. Whatever the reasons are, a succesful transition starts with an understanding of the cloud and defining a cloud strategy that is fitting for your organization. Organizations would do well to ask the following questions:

  • What are the most important reasons for the transition?
  • What level of cloud adoption fits our organization? Lift-and-shift or rebuild?
  • Which cloud supplier is a best fit for our organization?
  • Will we be building our cloud environment ourself or will we require help?
  • Will you be opting for a pay per use or reserved cloud model?
  • Will you be using a multi or hybrid cloud model?
  • Who will be managing the cloud?
  • Will we be using APIs for cloud connectivity?
  • How can we connect local data sources?
  • Is there support for a DMZ and/or stepping stones?
  • Is there support for high-availability and high-volume processing?

The transition to the cloud is an ideal time to clean up technical debt in your landscape and think about replacing legacy applications. This will require rebuilding your landscape in the cloud and phasing out your own data center. To do so, support for a flexible hybrid landscape is required. Integration between these to differing landscapes (cloud & on-premises) is indispensable. The combination and management of old and new technologies will be required for a longer period of time.

The eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS platform offers you the tools and technology to support and accelerate your transition to the cloud. The often long-running and phased projects can be managed from the eMagiz platform in terms of data integration. The flexibility offered by eMagiz allows you to implement multiple integration patterns, including data & event streaming for high data volumes and messaging for processing individual messages. With support for many protocols and formats, you can build any integration you need and data can be used effectively. The eMagiz platform offers you a detailed overview of your integration landscape using the integral integration lifecycleWith eMagiz you possess a cloud agnostic platform that optimally supports you in shaping integration for your cloud transition. Because the eMagiz software can run in both your own datacenter and the cloud, a safe datatransfer with guaranteed uptime and delivery can be established. 


eMagiz has years of experience with multiple cloud suppliers, local datacenters and hybrid landscapes. The eMagiz platform itself runs high-available in the AWS cloud and offers native support for cloud techniques. Read more about the eMagiz eMagiz platform and the architecture.