Data pipelines

Data pipelines

Easily exchange large amount of data using eMagiz Data Pipelines

Integrating application or systems that send very large amounts of data requires specific technology. Using eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS Data Pipelines, you can easily and securely exchange information between your applications and your data warehouses or data lakes.

What are Data Pipelines?

eMagiz Data Pipelines are integration that periodically transport large amounts of data from applications to data warehouses or data lakes. Existing data sources can be connected based on known protocols, from which data can be processed in batches. This data can then be sent to data warehouse environments hosted both in the cloud and on-premises. The eMagiz platform is specialized in moving data from source to goal locations. Data Pipelines are specifically aimed at moving large amounts of data, so that your regular, more operational processes are not hindered.

Why Data Pipelines?

Data Pipelines are used in situations in which data must periodically be transported for reporting and analysis, or in some cases for transactional processes. By using Data Pipelines, you are able to process data more quickly than with other integration patterns. Processing data in batches based on schedules “jobs”, makes sure that the data processing takes place at a time when it best suits you. Should you require on changed records be sent from a periodically returning data source, then eMagiz Data Pipelines can be configured to recognize data that has been changed or is new. eMagiz Data Pipelines offers an efficient way of transporting data to target systems in cases where traditional integration patterns are less applicable.


eMagiz Data Pipelines can, among others, read OData and files and process the data to Amazon Redshift, Azure, JDBC and file locations. Configuration of the Data Pipelines can quickly and easily be done by eMagiz users. Within the eMagiz platform, Data Pipelines can be monitored and an overview of successful jobs can be created. 


Data Pipelines of eMagiz offer the following advantages for your organization:

  • Fast and easy transportation of data in your digital transformation program
  • Transport large amount of data without hindering your operation processes
  • Full control over scheduling jobs
  • Faster availability of data in your reporting environment