Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

eMagiz notices that organizations that fully and efficiently digitally transform are more successful and leading in their market. eMagiz wants to be the best and logical choice to help organization with their digital transformation programs. Every organization wants to digitally transform, but what does that entail? And how can eMagiz help?

Digital transformation is crucial for companies to stay competitive, improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and discover new markets and opportunities. It enables companies to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and technological advances.

Challenges in digital transformation

eMagiz believes that digital transformation is concerned with the way value is created. Value creation with new propositions in primary process require investments in necessary technology to lay the foundation to execute your digital transformation.

New propositions require thorough insight in the opportunities and threaths present in the market and a good understanding of developments and behaviours of customers, both inside and outside of your business domain. That way you can remain ahead of possible threats for your business. This is often the terrain of digital innovation. Innovation that is made possible by employing new business models in combination with machine learning, blockchain, big data or other new technological developments. Value creation in your primary processes requires a customer-centric view of the organization .

eMagiz and the digital transformation

In succesful digital transformation projects are couple of preconditions are apparent to be crucial. By succesfully shaping these preconditions, organizations can increase the chances of a succesful digital transformation. These preconditions consists of:

  • An agile organisation and culture
  • The right tools
  • The right techology

In the past, tools and technology was used to support processes and anchor them, often leading to jerky change patterns. For digital transformation to succeed, an iterative way of working is required. Smaller teams with a degree of decision-making power. Think big, launch small experiments and quickly scale or fail. The technology is web or cloud based and fully integrated with back-office systems. Integration is indispensable in shaping digital processes, with which more and more applications and services are involved. The necessity to share data within, but also outside of your organization is ever increasing. To do so succesfully, you require a reliable, scalable and flexible integration platform.

The eMagiz iPaaS platform offers the tools and technology to shape integrations in your digital transformation processes. By using a low-code principle, integration activities have been made accessible for a larger user group, making sure integration no longer needs to be a bottleneck within development projects in your organization. You can experiment quickly, develop and deploy integration using cloud driven technology. A visual overview of you integration landscape and the use of the integration lifecycle make sure that you are in control. With eMagiz you possess an integration platform that offers the integration solutions you require and with which you fulfill an important precondition for digital transformation.

The benefits offered by an iPaaS for companies looking to digitally transform

An iPaas offers several benefits, including: 

  • Flexibility & Scalability: With an iPaaS like eMagiz, organizations are able to quickly integrate new applications and services and scale up as their needs change. 
  • Cost savings: By reducing the need for custom coding and deploying only 1 platform for multiple integrations, organizations can save on development and maintenance costs, among other things. 
  • Improved efficiency: Workflow automation and data integration between systems reduces manual processes and improves operational efficiency. 


eMagiz has more than 12 years of experience in digital transformation projects and many of the features offered in the eMagiz platform are shaped based on this experience. The eMagiz technology supports you in optimally executing your digital transformation projects. Read more about our technology in Messaging, API gateway or Event Streaming. 

Frequently asked questions about Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process by which organizations integrate digital technologies across all business areas, leading to fundamental changes in the way the company operates and delivers value to customers. In addition to replacing old technological systems with new ones, it also changes a lot in the corporate culture and promotes innovation.

An iPaaS facilitates the integration of various cloud and on-premises applications, data and processes. This enables companies to create a seamless and automated ecosystem, which is essential for digital transformation.

By eliminating silos and improving data flow, companies can operate more efficiently, innovate faster and provide a better customer experience. 

Common challenges of digital transformation are: 

  • Integration of legacy systems with new technologies. An iPaaS makes it possible to connect your legacy systems with new applications; this eliminates the need to completely replace them.
  • Data silos: An iPaaS breaks down data silos by providing a centralized way for data exchange and integration across platforms. 
  • Security: Modern iPaaS platforms offer robust security measures to ensure secure data transfer and storage. 

You start by evaluating your current IT infrastructure and identifying your integration needs. Then choose an iPaaS solution that fits your organization's requirements in terms of functionality, scalability, security and cost. Next, to ensure a smooth transition, it is smart to use a reliable partner or vendor for implementation support and training.