Digitalization and integration in the food sector

eMagiz has several years of experience in the food sector and the eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS platform is trusted by customers like Huuskes B.V. and Eru. The experience eMagiz has in this sector allows us to understand sector-specific challenges and help organizations with frequent problems.  

Using eMagiz technology and integration patterns like Messaging, API Gateway, Data Pipelines and Event Streaming any integration challenge can be solved. So that organizations may digitalize and renew. Read the Huuskes B.V. reference case for practical insight.


The food sector is characterized by strict regulation and ever increasing quality demands. Digitalization is required to be able to meet these demands. eMagiz supports organizations in the food sector with shaping their digital landscape, so that they can remain competitive.

The food sector is crucial for society and subject to strict regulations. Organizations in the food sector are required to be fully transparant and accurate with regards to allergens and ingrediënts in their products. Furthermore, organizations are required to fully document risks and hazards in their process in regards to HACCP. 

Nowadays this requires extensive digitization and administration of data. This data originates in different places and from different sources, and often needs to be aggregated to provide insight. 

Organizations use different solutions for this, for which integration is indispensable. Overarching themes within the sector are: healthy; fresh; convenience and sustainability. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS helps companies in the food sector to digitize data flows, enabling them to have data available at all times. At the same time, through integrations aggregated reports can be created, providing new insights into processes. The use of new, data driven technologies helps companies to offer new services to their customers. eMagiz helps companies with this digital transformation.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Shape integration for both you and your suppliers, i.e. for your orderflow. This way, the amount of errors are reduced and your agility is increased.

Product Information

Product information, including allergens and ingrediënts must be safely and reliably administered. Master Data Management helps you achieve this.

Internet of Things

More and more sensors are collecting data about products in the logistical process. Connect these data sources and gain new insight into processes.

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