CAPE groep helps organizations to transform digitally. Together with their customers, they develop fast and efficiently a future-proof, appropriate custom-made solution. The CAPE consultants advise and develop the solution by means of the eMagiz & Mendix platform. 

About CAPE groep

We live in a new reality in which organizations must change to move forward. This requires letting go of old ways of thinking and systems and surrendering to new insights and technologies. To remain of value, organizations must digitally transform.

CAPE groep helps their customers with this. They see digital transformation as a strategic tool to realize ambitions. They think beyond the specific request for help and deliver value by digitizing and integrating business processes. They translate the strategic themes of their customers to agile solutions and thus increase competitiveness.

This results in user-friendly apps focused on the essentials of use. Without too much fuss. Clear and as short as possible. Because of the semi-finished products CAPE has developed, the realization is faster and more economical. Within the follow-up phases integrations between systems to continue process optimization and reduce operating costs even more.

With the future of the customer in mind, CAPE groep does what is needed for tomorrow. With experts who love nothing more than pushing back frontiers. Their approach? Working together. Working fast. Working smart. And above all: passing it on. So that the customer can continue by themselves. CAPE sees the future as an invitation to discover new paths and let go when the destination is reached.

CAPE group is a Value added Business Solution partner and an Integration Solution Partner of eMagiz. This means that they use and deliver the eMagiz platform and related services, to integrate their business solution with all common applications, devices and/or protocols. CAPE group is fully certified to sell the entire eMagiz licensing and cloud portfolio and provide all related professional and managed services. For more information visit their website or contact us.