VABSP: zelospark

VABSP: zelospark

Zelospark develops and implements innovative ERP and IoT solutions for players in the energy and real estate markets. At zelospark, they have a zealous focus on enabling the transition to sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy, by building future-proof software that enables companies to innovate and create sustainable products and services.

About zelospark


zelospark staat voor een vurige, toegewijde en fanatieke focus op het leveren van het best mogelijke product om de energietransitie naar duurzame energiebronnen te ondersteunen. 


zelospark believes that climate change is real and delivers immediate impact by using innovative technologies to enable the energy transition.


zelospark focuses on the most optimal quality at the right price, because they believe that renewable energy should be affordable for everyone.


zelospark combines data and business processes to balance the use of assests and energy in the most optimal way, ensuring the reliability of both the asset and the energy supply.

zelospark is a Value Added Business Solution partner of eMagiz and uses and delivers the eMagiz platform and related services, to integrate their business solution with all common applications, devices and/or protocols. zelospark is fully certified to sell the full eMagiz licensing and cloud portfolio and provide all related professional and managed services. For more information visit their website or contact us.