Agility and speed in the energy sector

The energy sector is always shifting. Laws and regulations are often subject to change and organization are required to be able to meet changing demands on short notice. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS allows organizations in the energy sector to be agile and accelerate their integration development.

eMagiz has multiple years of experience in the energy sector. eMagiz works with appealing customers, including Eneco and PVNED. Both customers use the eMagiz platform to allow their own IT team to develop integrations. Using the integration patterns Messaging; API Gateway; Data Pipelines and Event Streaming any integration challenge can be solved. Read the PVNED reference case to gain more insight into the way eMagiz is used within this organization.


The energy market is characterized by agility, speed and visibility. The market is highly competitive, in which organizations that are able to quickly invoke change in their processes are at an advantage. This is the case for physical, but also for digital processes. For these constantly changing demands in data exchange with supply chain partners, a high degree of velocity in integration development is required. Fast and reliable data exchange is indispensable in the sector to keep a networkbalance and support the trade in energy, both for small firms and large corporations. For IT departments, this means a constant pressure for change, speed and the right technology choices. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS helps organizations in shaping reliable and flexible data integrations, so that they can remain competitive.

Data management

Assets are spread out over many and geographically differing locations. Use system and application integration to quickly and reliably exchange necessary data.

Time to market

Accelerate your digital transformation. Enhance your speed in delivering for changing business requirements, often originating from external sources.


Allow your IT teams to collaborate closely with the business to deliver changes in business processes. Stop integration from being a bottleneck in your development processes.

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