Features of the platform

Features of the platform

The integration patterns

As an integration Platform as a Service, eMagiz is deployed to achieve data and application integrations. eMagiz offers three integration patterns, these form a solid technical foundation with which to solve any use case. These integration patterns are: Messaging, API Gateway and Event Streaming. Each integration pattern has its own scope and advantages and disadvantages. eMagiz offers the flexibility to deploy these patterns from one platform, where hybrid solutions are also possible. However, the strength of an integration platform lies not only in the technological component, but also in the way this functionality is offered to the user. 

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The features of eMagiz

eMagiz offers its users rich management functionality focused on documenting data, simplifying integration development and management, maintaining architecture and cloud environments and managing data. The various features allow users to easily develop robust applications with the platform that deliver value to the organization over a long period of time. 

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