Digital Transformation - Enhance speed with a solid architecture

Financial services organizations must digitally transform to keep efficiently serving customers and keep operational cost low. A low-code Enterprise iPaaS can help your organization shape the right architecture, so you can start new initiatives from a solid base and enhance your speed.

eMagiz has multiple years of experience in the financial services industry and is used by customers like TVM Verzekeringen, who are using the platform to shape multiple data flows between applications. eMagiz customers use Messaging to connect to legacy applications and sector specific services. An API Gateway can be used for synchronous data traffic between core systems, while event streaming is used to exchange master data between services and applications. eMagiz allows organizations to remain competitive by efficiently shaping data exchange.


Digital Transformation is the keyword in financial services for the coming period. Moving from old systems towards a micro-service architecture and exchanging data at scale allows for implementation of new services that are customer focused. Organization make many technological choices over the years, which can later form a bottleneck for new technological developments. For example, migrating legacy application to the cloud brings with it new security and scalability challenges. Using an Enterprise level integration platform offers speed and agility, allowing you to align business & IT and solve any integration challenge.

Connect legacy applicaties

Reduce adminstrative burdens by shaping automated message exchange from legacy systems to new applications. Work on a cloud strategy and architecture from a solid base.

Facilitate micro-services

In digital transformation strategies, a micro-services architecture is often the architecture of choice. Allow for data integration between these services.

Enhance your speed

Quickly launch new business initiatives and processes with eMagiz. Connect back and front-end applications and efficiently serve your customers.

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