Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Unlock the power of Internet of Things with eMagiz

The Internet of Things refers to the network of physical objects with various sensors, software and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet. These objects can range from common household items to sophisticated industrial tools. 

Internet of Things is the concept of the digital era. Smart devices and sensors that are constantly communicating. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS helps organization unleash the power of Internet of Things with integration solutions.


In the current digital economy data is becoming increasingly important. Generating and processing data allows organizations to develop new services and business models and offer those to customers. This development is tightly connected to the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). This concept represents the way more and more devices are connected to the internet. These devices generate data and are able to offer organizations new insights into processes, allowing those organizations to generate new value. IoT however also poses challenges. High volumes of data need to be safely and reliably exchanged, often in a distributed landscape. eMagiz helps organization unleash the power of Internet of Things. 

eMagiz and Internet of Things

Internet of Things consists of several technologies/objects that when combined, can lead to new insights. These technologies/objects are:

  • An object (usually physical), the thing that data is gathered about
  • A sensor, meant for gathering/measuring data
  • An actuator, meant for executing an action on the physical object.
  • A controller, meant for transforming the original signal into a digital signal
  • A network, meant for exchanging the digital signal

Merely connecting objects to the internet is not what Internet of Things entails, the object must also add value to a business process based on the signals that object is sending. To add value, integration is indispensable. Processing the digital signal, for example by creating a ticket in a back-office system, is important to connect administrative processes to that which is measured.

The eMagiz iPaaS platform offers you the tools and technology integrate the digital signal that is generated. The flexibility eMagiz offers allows you to implement different integration patterns, including data streaming for high volumes or messaging for processing seperate messages. By supporting a large variety of protocols and formats, you can build any integration you need, so that the generated data can be used effectively. With eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS, you posses a platform that allows you to optimally shape you integrations related to Internet of Things.


eMagiz has multiple years of experience with complex integration projects and the platform has been shaped by this experience. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS technology optimally supports you in your integration projects. Read more about our technology in Messaging, API Gateway or Event Streaming.