A modular IT landscape where data and integration are central?

PostNL CBS is ready for the challenges of the future!

PostNL CBS is using eMagiz to get ready for tomorrow's challenges. With the platform, they have built a new modular landscape in which data and integration are central. 

Business Goals

When it comes to IT, cross-border flows of goods sometimes have enormous complexities. These arise, for instance, due to new laws and regulations and require flexibility and innovation from the IT landscape. In order to respond to these changes in a timely manner, a modern IT landscape is essential.

Integration Challenges

PostNL CBS was looking for a platform that would allow it to provide customized services to its customers, with generic solutions that can be developed quickly. These must be able to handle complex but sometimes incomplete datasets, adapt to process improvements through simple data integration, and, above all, be facilitative to the data-driven services offered within the core business. 

How eMagiz helps

In PostNL's vision, customized services (based on generic solutions) are created by creating a 'spine' in the landscape to which every customer, application and service can be connected. To this end, we looked with partner CAPE Group at the possibilities of the eMagiz platform already deployed in other parts of the organization. 

With a variety of microservices and IoT, the number of data streams and sources grew exponentially. This created a huge growth of data and makes integration activities within a modern IT landscape more necessary, but also increasingly complex. 

This also applies to the new modern landscape of PostNL CBS. The landscape is characterized by independent functional services that, through integration, are jointly responsible for completing the core business process. To build fast and flexible integrations and offer a standardized landscape with which various data-driven services are offered to customers, PostNL CBS has chosen the eMagiz platform. In particular, the event streaming integration pattern is frequently deployed within PostNL CBS because of the high volume, relatively low complexity of the data to be integrated and the multiple use of the data produced.


  • The "spine" enables parallel development, allowing in-house development to be combined with outsourced work and off-the-shelve solutions. Thanks to the eMagiz platform, these solutions can then be easily incorporated into the IT landscape through just a few integrations.
  • Speed of feature development (and hence number of features delivered) more than doubled.
  • Increased productivity through improved employee information.
  • Being able to react faster and more flexibly to changes within the business.
  • Fewer errors and therefore lower repair costs through digitisation of manual operations.


Integration partner:
CAPE Groep

Key integrations:

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"Integration is the heart of our landscape, it will never go away and there is also still a lot of growing power there. I don't need a perfect solution because it only exists for a day or month, then the world has changed again. You must have a platform that allows you to keep moving forward in that changing world"

Ale Ganzeveld, Domain Architect @ PostNL CBS

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