Huuskes is making its ordering process more transparent, reliable and customer-focused with eMagiz.

Huuskes says goodbye to its old legacy environment with the new Article Management System and integrates all existing and new applications with the message broker.

Business Goals

Huuskes is a total supplier, producer and knowledge partner in food and drink for healthcare and corporate catering. Huuskes' IT department is essential and is responsible for a good flow from order to production. To improve the flow and thereby also the control of incoming orders, the old legacy 'black box' environment had to be replaced. In addition, a need had arisen among customers for a system that displays all essential article information. After a short but intensive study into a 'make-or-buy decision', Huuskes decided to team up with eMagiz partner CAPE Groep to develop a new Article Management System and Order Validation System based on Low code and to fully integrate these micro-services and the Enterprise ICT landscape based on the eMagiz message broker.

Integration Challenges

To timely respond to its customers' wants & needs, Huuskes has an ICT landscape containing nearly 40 Enterprise applications. Daily, more than 95% of the order flow runs through the 'Huuskes Shop', which has to integrate with various purchasing systems, product information systems and many other systems, which play a role in the sales process. Huuskes was looking for a solution to standardize, simplify and optimize various processes to make the entire order process more transparent, reliable and customer-oriented through digital transformation. With an assortment of more than 40,000 products and a large number of suppliers, Huuskes strives to provide customers with the best possible service and to unburden them as completely as possible. A highly reliable system, both in terms of availability and possibilities of use, is therefore crucial to them.

How eMagiz helps

Together with CAPE group, part of the sales process was redesigned and, without disrupting the business process, migrated to a new, scalable and more efficient solution. The eMagiz platform has since become an essential part of Huuskes' ICT landscape. Via the platform, more than 95% of all data flows related to the sales process run through the eMagiz message broker. With roughly 140 links, data from and to various systems within the landscape is not only sent but also transformed to the desired format or protocol. Thanks to CAPE group's solutions and the integrations with eMagiz, Huuskes has the entire order flow up to production mapped out and can follow it in real time and active monitoring & signalling takes place.


  • Faster connection with new systems and customers, by working with standards in the food industry.
  • More user-friendliness and transparency to customers as the entire order flow up to the production process is visible to customers.
  • Ability to transform data to any format or protocol.
  • The number of manual operations has been reduced to an absolute minimum, resulting in a lower error rate and minimization of failed orders.
  • More sustainable business by adopting the principle 'Minimally digital, preferably electronic'.


Integration partner:
CAPE Groep

Key integrations:

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"If our customers have new requirements or wishes, for example in terms of XML invoicing, eMagiz allows us to be more flexible in meeting them. If our customers have a new system, we can easily integrate it. This is where the transformation capabilities of eMagiz lend themselves incredibly well, this is very powerful and beautiful."

Wytse Staal, application manager @ Huuskes

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