Legacy migration

Legacy migration

Old applications within your IT landscape that contain a lot of custom code?

Almost all organizations have an application landscape that uses both new and old technology. Old legacy applications can be a bottleneck by blocking innovation, so more and more organizations are looking for modern solutions to migrate their old technology. In terms of application and data integration, new technology is mainly characterized by APIs, while old technology often involves other protocols and often requires manual work. 

Why eMagiz?

The eMagiz platform integrates effortlessly with existing legacy (ERP) systems, allowing you to keep using your valuable data and not interrupt the business. Our solution offers:

  • More perspective on the future: With eMagiz, transitioning to a modern, flexible IT architecture is easy. We help organizations with migrations, focusing on the needs of the business. We consider the long-term goals and take flexibility and adaptability into account. 
  • Support for all kinds of protocols and formats: The platform is capable of unlocking legacy systems and making them available to new business processes, which are often supported by more modern technologies. eMagiz supports all kinds of different protocols and formats that may be needed for this unlocking. These include JDBC, JMS, IMAP, FLATFILE, EDI, SOAP-XML, HTTP(S), etc. There are also many possibilities to unlock legacy systems using code snippets. 
  • Increase the flexibility and scalability of your IT landscape: By adopting modern technologies and cloud environments, you can create agility to bring business processes live effectively and efficiently. Then, your legacy can be replaced with new applications that better support the business. 

Ready to modernize?

Wondering how the eMagiz platform can help your organisation further modernise your IT landscape? We have integration partners with more than 10 years of experience in such trajectories. An example of such a project is the Huuskes customer case, which you can read at the press of a button below.