Legacy migration

Legacy migration

Speed up your legacy migration with eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS

Almost all organizations possess an application landscape, in which both old and new technology is employed. In terms of application and data integration, new technology is mostly characterized by API’s, while old technology often entails different protocols. While eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS can handle older protocols, old technology, also called legacy, can form a bottleneck for organizations and digital transformations. Many organization aim to migrate their legacy applications to new, modern solutions.

How can eMagiz help?

eMagiz helps organizations with legacy migration and prioritizes business value in those projects. The focus herein lies not only on short term goals, but flexibilityand adaptability for the future as well. Using the different integration patterns offered, eMagiz is able to connect to legacy systems and offer data to new business processes and solutions. eMagiz supports many protocols and formats which are used by legacy applications. Examples are JDBC, JMS, IMAP, FLATFILE, EDI, SOAP-XML, HHTP(S). eMagiz also allows the use of code snippets to connect to legacy systems. In combination with the possibility to use modern technology and cloud environments, eMagiz allows you to create the agility required to effectively and efficiently set-up new business processes and phase out old applications and process one step at a time.


eMagiz has more than 12 years of experience with legacy migration projects and the platform has been shaped based on this experience. Read more about our Messaging or about Digital Transformation