Master Data Management

Master Data Management

The amount of data and data streams within organizations is increasing exponentially, making it more difficult for organizations to keep an overview. With eMagiz, you can support your Master Data Management and ensure efficient and error-free data distribution across your IT landscape.


Master Data Management is the process of administrating and distibuting master data in and over the application landscape. Master data can consist of product information, customers, employees, suppliers or other information sources. Applications that support business process often require master data to succesfully complete a process. By administrating a single truth, you can reduce data inefficiencies and increase your control over the spread of data over your application landscape.

Benefits of master data management

Improved operational efficiency and unambiguos data

Eliminate unneccessary data management activities

Better overview of all available data

Easily produce rapports

How can eMagiz help?

eMagiz provides the tools to efficiently set up master data management. eMagiz supports users in setting up data flows for the purpose of accessing source systems and distribution to receiving systems. Using the eMagiz platform and the embedded integration lifecycle the transport of data is documented, realized and managed. eMagiz uses its available integration patterns for this purpose: messaging, event streaming & API management.

Especially in a distributed landscape based on microservices, it is important to set up master data management properly. With the help of data pipelines and event streaming functionality, eMagiz is able to transport large amounts of data reliably, allowing applications to decide for themselves which data they want to receive. eMagiz also offers delta functionality to filter a large source file for changes and thus only offer modified data to receiving applications.

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