Press release: GeONE becomes new partner of Dutch iPaaS eMagiz

After a careful selection process, consisting of introductory interviews, demos and research into the synergy in the business propositions, GeONE and eMagiz have become partners. Within this partnership, GeONE acquires both the status of Certified Value Added Business Solution Partner and Certified Integration Solution Partner. While the former status is primarily focused on the deployment of the eMagiz platform for the purpose of integrations with the document management systems implemented by GeONE, its ISP status also gives GeONE the ability to offer stand-alone iPaaS solutions in the market.

Bastiaan Brefeld, one of the founders of GeONE, on the new partnership: "We always look for partners who are accessible; we therefore find it important that eMagiz is a Dutch player. We then look for proven technology that can be used by large organizations. It is also important to us that a partner shares the same core values: customer focus, innovation and quality. GeONE and eMagiz therefore fit well together and more importantly, with this partnership we offer an answer to tomorrow's most complex integration issues."

Bart Buschmann, Commercial Manager at eMagiz says: "GeONE is a strong party that is close to the business processes of end customers, eMagiz is also sometimes called a middleware solution, you rarely see us sitting against the business. The strength of an iPaaS such as eMagiz, which can connect everything to everything, and a party such as GeONE, which operates close to the business processes of customers, is an integral solution that provides immediate answers to complex integration issues. Taking into account their business but also all the technology and all the complex integrations underneath."

About GeONE

GeONE is a specialist in the field of information and document management and optimizes business processes using intelligent solutions. They do this for deJong&Laan, Koninklijke BAM and Bilfinger, among others. GeONE noticed that its customers have more and more challenges in the field of integration, which is why they were looking for an integration platform that would strengthen the current proposition but also offers opportunities for new product-market combinations.

About eMagiz

eMagiz has been a Dutch developer and provider of a hybrid low-code integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for over 10 years and is active in the application and data integration market. eMagiz offers a platform with which all applications and systems can be easily and conveniently integrated and with which data flows can be optimally automated and managed. Customers such as PostNL, TVM, Koninklijke BAM & develop integrations using flexible standard components and the (hybrid) integration patterns: Messaging, Event Streaming & API. eMagiz delivers its solutions through high-quality partners in various sectors.

For more information about eMagiz:

Sara Oltwater, Marketeer @ eMagiz

+31(0) 88 227 3475

For more information about GeONE:

Jordy de Jager, Marketing & Communication @ GeONE

+31(0) 35 740 01 02