Enhance your efficieny by connecting with supply chain partners

The retail sector is characterized as extremely dynamic, in which digital innovations quickly follow one another. eMagiz supports retail organizations in shaping these digital innovations, offering them full integration capabilities, so that they may shape an efficient and innovative landscape.

eMagiz has multiple years of experience in the retail sector and understands the challenges of the market. eMagiz technology allows you to quickly realize an efficiency improvement. Organizations use Messaging, API Gateway, Data Pipelines and Event Streaming patterns to shape their digital transformation projects.


The retail sector is always in motion. The current sector is charactized by overarching themes like: digitalization; supply chain cooperation and sustainability. To remain attractive to customers, innovation is often fast and requires digital services and automated processes. To logistically offer flexibility and speed, tight collaboration between supply chain partners is necessary. They must share information to gain overview over processes and deliver value through services. Integration is indispensable to do so. Organization require a solution that can integrate with both legacy applications and new technologies. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS helps organization in the retail sector to digitalize data flows, allowing them so communicate faster and more efficiently and thus improve collaboration. Digitalizing data flows allows these organization to keep innovating.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Shape integrations for your suppliers and customers, on the basis of market standards. This allows you to be more agile and reduce mistakes.


Use applicable market standards for message exchange, for example on the basis of EDI. This way you can easily onboard new partners to your processes.

Data management

Manage your data optimally, by administrating it in one place and distributing it over your landscape. Unambiguous master data management allows your to always possess accurate data.

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