Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

eMagiz helps to optimize the ICT landscape of logistic parties

eMagiz originated in the transport & logistics sector and has a breadth of experience in serving logistic service providers. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS is trusted by customers like PostNL, Neele-Vat, DHB and DHL in shaping their integration landscape. With multiple years of experience, eMagiz understands the challenges the sector provides and can quickly use previously developed solutions like connecting with several well-known TMS systems.  

Using technologies like Messaging, API Gateway, Event Streaming, the Open Trip Model & Data Pipelines, any integration challenge for businesses in the transport and logistics sector can be solved. 


We know like no other that the world of logistics is changing rapidly. Every day, new production areas are formed, trade is reacting to new opportunities, and relationships with sales markets are changing. Shippers are increasingly at the mercy of geopolitical developments, price and currency fluctuations, and export restrictions. To spread these risks, shippers are increasingly engaged in scenario planning, proactively looking for alternative sales markets, and executives have a focus on organizing strategic and operational agility.  

eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS helps organizations in the Transport & Logistics sector to transform digitally. It helps to integrate the supply chain or organizations, integrating with supply chain parties and realizing digital message exchange. Many organizations in this sector have applications that need to be phased out, or migrated to the cloud. eMagiz enables organizations to do this, so that these organizations always have reliable data at their disposal, can work more efficiently and can maintain their competitive position. 

Legacy Integration

Reduce administrative burden through automated message exchange from legacy systems. Work from a solid foundation on a cloud strategy.

Logistic Control Tower

Set up a Control Tower using integrations, so you always have the right data at your fingertips and can exercise control over your landscape.

Easy implementation of market standards

Ensure a rapid onboarding of new partners and parties by providing APIs and standard integrations based on market standards.

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