Recording webinar – De introductie van de nieuwe eMagiz store!

The eMagiz store is new and improved and on the 28th of October we organized a webinar where we explained the concept of the store and gave our participants a quick demo in our platform. Next to the Store we also discussed the Data Sink feature and some additional Event streaming updates.

The eMagiz store enables you to work faster while delivering at higher quality. It is beneficial for both existing and new users. It allows a speedy adoption of the eMagiz platform for new users and allows all users to re-use solutions across models.

In addition to the Store, we’ll elaborated on the Data Sink feature. This expands our platform and allows you to sink your data in an eMagiz bucket in which the data is kept for a certain period. The feature enables you to sink data on different points within your business process and allows you to be even more in control of your integration solutions. To help you some more we have provided a store component which you can import that can sink your data at any point in your process.

Finally, we discussed some of our latest event streaming updates. We have expanded our offerings to fully incorporate the event streaming pattern within all of our Integration Lifecyle Management phases visually. This means that topics can now be managed with the help of Design and Deploy architecture on a per-environment basis. Next to that, you can now easily include your event processors in a release giving you the same experience as our other patterns.

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