CloudEDI 2.0: Chain integration and process optimization in one!

The CloudEDI 2.0 solution is particularly suitable for the Agro & (non-)Food industry, where there is a complex or critical supply chain with parties, stocks, orders and logistic movements where each status and change in the chain must be traceable. Given the universal nature of the eMagiz platform, it can be used for both chain integration and process optimization. 


Many organizations in sectors such as Agro & (non-) Food, Retail and Wholesale currently do not have adequate ICT solutions in place to digitize the complex process integration with large buyers of food and non-food products. EDI is a widely used but very complex message standard in this landscape. Many parties use EDI messages to communicate all steps in their mutual processes to each other. By deploying the CloudEDI 2.0 solution it is possible to reach a large eco-system of customers & suppliers without making radical changes in business processes or ICT landscape. 


Because the nature of the business processes are extremely critical, it is necessary in this complex supply chain to maintain minimal inventories and achieve full traceability. As long as these processes are not fully and properly digitized, many manual actions are necessary with all the associated costs and risks of errors. With the help of CloudEDI your organization will be unburdened and you will enjoy many benefits. 

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Read how the eMagiz platform can contribute to: easy connection to international customers connected to the EDI network, full traceability messages, tracking of shipments and products and reducing manual work.