Data and integration are central in the new modular IT landscape of PostNL CBS

Developing features twice as fast, increasing productivity thanks to improved information provision and reacting faster and more flexibly to changes within the business. These are all results achieved by PostNL Cross Border Solutions with the implementation of the eMagiz platform. By designing a new modular landscape and making data and integration central to it, PostNL CBS is ready for the challenges of the future with the eMagiz platform.


PostNL is the national postal company of the Netherlands and has been responsible for letter and parcel delivery for more than 200 years. The company consists of several business units, one of which is Cross Border Solution (CBS). CBS takes care of all international shipping solutions for both imports and exports and often faces major challenges thanks to these cross-border goods flows. 


When it comes to IT, cross-border flows of goods sometimes bring enormous complexities. These arise, for instance, due to new laws and regulations and require flexibility and innovation from the IT landscape. PostNL CBS was looking for a platform that allows it to provide its customers with tailor-made, generic solutions that can be developed quickly. Among other things, these must be able to handle complex and sometimes incomplete data sets and adapt to process improvements through simple data integration. 

"Integration is the heart of our landscape, it will never go away and there is also still a lot of growing power there. I don't need a perfect solution because it only exists for a day or month, then the world has changed again. You must have a platform that allows you to keep moving forward in that changing world"

Ale Ganzeveld, Domain Architect @ PostNL CBS

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Read how the eMagiz platform has contributed to, among other things: developing new features two times as fast, increasing productivity through improved information provision and being able to respond faster and more flexible to changes within the business. Fill in the form and get access to the case.

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Leer meer over hoe Nederlands nationale postbedrijf nu in staat in 2x zo snel features te ontwikkelen & sneller en flexibeler kan reageren op veranderingen binnen de business.

Read the PostNL case

Learn more about how the Dutch national postal company is now able to develop features 2x faster & respond faster and more flexibly to changes within the business.