A scalable and future-proof connection between internal and external systems?

Royal BAM implements eMagiz to support automated data exchange.

For maintenance processes at Schiphol to run as efficiently as possible, automatic data exchange must be supported. Royal BAM Group uses eMagiz to establish a scalable and future-proof connection between their own internal systems and the systems of their external partners such as Schiphol.


With an annual turnover of €7.2 billion, Royal BAM Group is the largest construction company in the Netherlands. The company consists of several operating companies united in two Lines of Business: BAM Bouw & Vastgoed Nederland and Bouw en Techniek. In 2019, they acquired a contract to carry out maintenance work on three plots at Schiphol Airport. With both Lines of Business, BAM performs maintenance on underground infrastructure and terminals, among other things.

Integration Challenges

Schiphol processes thousands of passengers every day. To minimise the risks and inconvenience of maintenance for them, it is necessary to carry out maintenance work in a timely manner. BAM needs the most up-to-date data for this and must be able to easily process this information flow in their existing IT landscape. Based on all maintenance, configuration and asset information, work orders are then created for the required work. Different applications (IBM Maximo & Dynamics 365) are used within BAM's Lines of Business to gain insight into assets and work processes. These applications differ in how they connect, as well as the format of data exchange. Despite the difference in applications, both need to be able to automatically receive data from Schiphol to make the maintenance process as efficient as possible.

How eMagiz helps

BAM is fully committed to digital technology and solutions that support the complex landscape in which it operates. With the eMagiz platform, BAM is establishing a scalable and future-proof connection between their own internal systems and the systems of their external partners such as Schiphol Airport. By using the messaging integration pattern, data can be exchanged in a fully customised way, supporting the maintenance process with automatic data exchange.


Digitalization of processes

Because the platform automates processes, there are significantly fewer errors and fewer repair costs.

Real-time data available

In order to perform timely maintenance work, the most recent data is required. With eMagiz, BAM is kept informed in real time by Schiphol's systems. 

Connect faster and easier

The eMagiz iPaaS enables BAM to link to internal and external systems more quickly. In addition, data is automatically translated into the right format. 


Integration partner:
CAPE Groep

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"Thanks to eMagiz, we are working on a partnership in which we can be truly differentiating in terms of sustainability, cost optimization and (digital) innovation.”

Marcel Toet, Portfolio Manager @ BAM Construction & Engineering

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