Huuskes fully integrates new and existing applications with each other and the sales chain using the eMagiz message broker.

Faster connection with new systems and customers by working with standards, a lower error rate and minimization of dropped orders. These are all results that Huuskes has realized with the implementation of the eMagiz platform. Read how the platform has contributed to more user-friendliness and transparency towards customers and how the number of manual operations has been reduced. 


Huuskes is a supplier, producer and knowledge partner in food and drink for healthcare and corporate catering. With more than 1000 employees they work to contribute to the happiness and recovery of clients. Huuskes' IT department is essential in this process and is responsible for a good flow from order to production. In order to improve the flow and thereby also the control of incoming orders, the old legacy 'black box' environment had to be replaced. 


In order to be able to timely respond to the wishes and needs of its customers, Huuskes has an ICT landscape that includes almost 40 Enterprise applications. Orders come in daily and have to be integrated with various purchasing systems, product information systems and many other systems that play a role in the sales process. Huuskes was looking for a solution to standardize, simplify and optimize various processes in order to make the entire order process more transparent, reliable and customer-oriented through digital transformation. 

"If our customers have new requirements or wishes, for example in terms of XML invoicing, eMagiz allows us to be more flexible in meeting them. If our customers have a new system, we can easily integrate it. This is where the transformation capabilities of eMagiz lend themselves incredibly well, this is very powerful and beautiful."

Wytse Staal, application manager @ Huuskes

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Read how the eMagiz platform has contributed to: more user-friendliness and transparency towards customers, a lower error rate and minimization of dropped orders and an acceleration in connecting to new systems and customers. Fill in the form and get access to the document.


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