Platform & Architecture

Platform & Architecture

The eMagiz platform offers a Cloud service for integration scenario's requiring application, system, data, business processor microservice integration. Multiple systems, both internal and external systems, can be connected using Cloud-to-Cloud, Cloud-toonpremises & onpremises-to-onpremises set-ups. Integrations are actively managed and can handle large volumes of data. 

Typical characteristics of the eMagiz platform are: 

  • Distributed, secure, scalable architecture to connect Cloud and on-premises systems with each other.
  • Integrations realizable by business consultants with no technical background. 
  • Multiple integration patterns available to always provide the best solution: Event Streaming, Messaging and API Gateway 
  • Support for new use cases in your environment: IoTAPIs and Blockchain 
  • Quick return on investment 

eMagiz portal

The eMagiz platform consists of a multi-tenant iPaaS portal which is reachable over the internet. The eMagiz portal is connected to separate customer environments. The portal is the central place where registered eMagiz users log in and conduct their integration activities. The portal offers all features aimed at documenting information, developing integration and managing the integration landscape. Al these features are developed on the basis of the integration lifecycle. The iPaaS portal is connected to separate customer environments which are hosted at a dedicated location. These environments are dedicated per customer and per phase of the development street.

The portal contains standard features, which are used to reduce complexity in integration activities for integration consultants, so that their focus can remain on providing added value for the business. Features included are:

  • Access management
  • Alerting & monitoring
  • Logging
  • Unit-testing
  • Architecture
  • Disaster recovery
  • Availability of a Test environment, Acceptance environment and Production environment, between which the integration models can be deployed step by step.


The integration model is developed using the eMagiz portal. The model contains all configuration information required for an integration to function. The model can be deployed on the Test, Acceptance and Production environment using Release & Deploy features. Every integration consists of small, smart components (flows), which are spread out over the infrastructure to facilitate the integration. These components run on Java based runtimes, which are easily installed and completely controllable from the eMagiz portal. 


The eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS platform is cloud-native. Specific customer environments are hosted at Amazon Webservices, allowing eMagiz to implement state-of-the-art cloud services and automization. This allows eMagiz to offer High-Availability, High-Performance and Auto-Recovery services. Eventhough Amazon Webservices is the standard cloud provider, eMagiz is fully cloud agnostic and able to run any infrastructure supporting the eMagiz Java based runtimes.Security is central to anything eMagiz offers, so the Cloud environments are protected with the best possible measures. Internal and extgernal systems can be securely connected – everything is encrypted using 2-way SSL connections. Furthermore, there are extensive possibilities for additional security measures, including Virtual Private Netwerk access and Direct-Connect.