Increasing your development speed with standard components? Use Accelerators from the Store!

Building integrations can sometimes take (unnecessary) time and effort. By using standard solutions such as integration accelerators, you minimise the complexity of integrations and shorten the lead time. In this article, you will read more about integration accelerators and discover how they can increase your development speed.

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Simplify data processing with Accelerators

Integration accelerators are reusable elements of common integration scenarios such as data transformation, routing and data processing. Applying an accelerator simplifies data processing, for example.

An example: 

Removing namespaces in XML. In XML, namespaces are used to prevent conflicts within the message format. However, when mapping messages, these namespaces can cause conflicts and problems. To simplify and standardize the removal of namespaces, you can import the store item ‘remove namespace’. After importing, you only need to define which namespace should be removed. 

Import complete connectivity solutions

Accelerators offer many more options than just customizing messages. It is possible to import complete connectivity solutions from the Store.

An example: 

Performing POST operations with an OAuth 2.0 connection. The store component comes with the best-practice configuration. All you have to do is provide specific information, such as URL and credentials. Besides REST connectivity, the store also offers other connectivity types, such as SFTP. Everything is designed for ease of use and efficiency.

SpEL? There are also Accelerators for this expression language

Another example is a store item that uses Spring Expression Language (SpEL). This language is capable of making dynamic changes to your dataflow. Within eMagiz, there are several uses for this language. One of the options provided by the Store is to determine the size of an incoming file. This can be used to filter out messages that are too large or too small before they are processed. Another use is to add this information to the message for reference. Store items like this can save you hours of work, which you would normally spend looking for the right SpEL expression. 

Increasing your development speed with standard items? Use Accelerators!

The store provides extensive options to accelerate the development of integrations. From simple data manipulation items to complete connectivity configurations. Want to start accelerating today? Then check the documentation portal for available store items. Go to

By Bouke Reitsma, Expert Services.