Connect to a network of trading partners with eMagiz EDI

Standardization of message exchange increases efficiency and reduces the errors. EDI is the standard for order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes within many industries. eMagiz helps organization implement EDI messages and connects them to a network of trading partners, so that they can quickly and digitally communicate with parties in their supply chain.

What is EDI?

In many industries and processes, data exchange between parties is crucial. Fast en errorless digital message exchange reduces communication problems and speeds up the operation business process. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format is established to structure and standardize message exchange for business documents. Every industry knows it’s own GS1 standard, which desbribes entities and attributes applicable to that industry, including logistical processes. By using EDI, much of the paper document flow can be eliminated.

Why EDI?

By using EDI standards, many organizations are able to quickly establish digital communication with existing and new trading partners and speed up their digital transformation processes. There is no need to establish specific agreements over data objects and entities, but they can instead refer to the general agreements in the industry standard. By using the EDI standard, it is possible to use a Value Added Network (VAN). In the case of a VAN, there is a network party that uphold contact with active industry parties. This network party often fulfills the role of message broker, in which this party realizes connections with all parties within the industry. By connecting to the message broker, the organization will immediately have access to the complete network of trading parties in terms of message exchange, without the need for managing complex protocol of message definition transformations. Connecting internal applications to the message broker is often difficult. The eMagiz platform allows organizations to integrate internal applications based on any protocol with a VAN. This makes it easy to set-up business with new partners and increase the turnover of your organization.


With the technology offered by eMagiz, a connection between your systems and a VAN provider can be established. By using the integration patterns Messaging and API Gateway eMagiz is able to integrate your application no matter the format or protocol is exchanges data in. This data can be transformed to EDI (or any other format). This allows your organization to easily connect with trading partners, allowing you to scale your organization safely and reliably. eMagiz has developed a standard connection with Exact Globe, allowing suppliers in the food industry to easily support their order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes within their supply chain with EDI messages. This allows them to quickly connect to large retailers and expand their business.


EDI message exchange by eMagiz offers the following advantages for your organization:

  1. Less errors in message exchange and administration
  2. Fast and easy onboarding of new trading partners
  3. Outsource complexity with regards to integration activities