eMagiz Partner Program

eMagiz Partner Program

When you choose the eMagiz iPaaS, you get one of the world’s most powerful toolsets to develop an integration model that is completely tailored to your business and market. The eMagiz Partner Program is designed to enable you to quickly and effectively acquire the expertise and skill to develop your integration model. You can choose to outsource the development entirely to a business partner or to do it entirely in-house. Of course, you can also mix these two types in any desired proportion.

Below we give you an overview of the eMagiz Partner Program. 

Value added Business Solution Partner

This partner supplies a complete business solution to the market. These can be vertical business solutions such as EDI in retail or OTM in transport and logistics. But also horizontal business solutions such as DWH solutions, App development, ERP integrations and hosting, IoT solutions, Artificial Intelligence or Big data, etc. These partners use the eMagiz platform (possibly multi-tenant) to integrate these solutions with the IT environments of their customers. The partner provides services around the platform and possibly supplements this with expert services from eMagiz. 

Integration Solution Partner

This partner provides the eMagiz iPaaS (licenses and cloud infrastructure) and helps our customers to efficiently and effectively build a tailor-made integration model. This service consists of professional services, managed services related to the integration model and business consultancy. During implementation, the partner can choose to (partially) make use of eMagiz’s expert services. Of course, eMagiz also offers permanent vendor support to these partners via expert services. 

Technology Business Solution Partner

These partners facilitate a technical integration between their software/platform solutions and the eMagiz iPaaS to make the power of an iPaaS easily available in their own solution. An example of this is the standard integration of the eMagiz iPaaS to the Mendix Datahub. White labeling of eMagiz iPaaS can be part of these partnerships.

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