Event Streaming

Event Streaming

Discover new possibilities for data distribution with eMagiz Event Streaming

Event streaming is one of the integration patterns within the eMagiz iPaaS and is often used in landscapes with many different microservices.  

What is Event streaming?

As traditional and monolithic landscapes are rapidly changing to landscapes with lots of microservices, technical solutions are becoming more and more decentralized and the number of data streams and their associated data handling is growing exponentially. Within these microservices landscapes, there are a variety of applications, frameworks and data sources, each exchanging data and responsible for a specific part of the overall landscape. In a chain of applications and services, each link in the chain may have a need for data from other sources and may also be a source of data itself. The integration pattern Event streaming can provide a solution for this.

Event streaming allows you to publish data without building specific integrations between 1 or more applications. The source publishes the data in the form of events and other applications can subscribe to them. The source knows who the customers are but does not maintain a relationship with them, it publishes data and the customers then decide for themselves if and how they process this data. This also means that data is offered 'streaming' and not in the form of a guaranteed delivered and processed message. Event streaming is therefore ideally suited for, for example, master data or transactional data distribution and is used to exchange data and events reliably, asynchronously and flexibly between applications.

Why Event streaming with eMagiz?

Increase the resilience and reliability of your business by preventing outages and failures

Easily and reliably exchange and transform data to any format or protocol

Reduce errors and increase data quality by minimizing manual operations

One clear overview of the integration landscape

Preservation of historical data for purposes of master data distribution


To facilitate the event streaming integration pattern, the platform uses modern frameworks, including ActiveMQ, Artemis and Apache Kafka. Event streaming requires a distributed technical architecture, which is cloud agnostic in eMagiz and functions both in the cloud and on premises. When an integration model is developed in the eMagiz platform, it is then distributed deployed on eMagiz runtimes (in the cloud and/or on-premises).

Hybrid use of integration patterns

The eMagiz iPaaS is capable of using the integration patterns Messaging, API gateway and Event streaming in a hybrid way. This provides a unified user experience and a single interface in which developers can work. For example, within eMagiz it is possible to use an API gateway for synchronous API operations and then redirect the request to an asynchronous stream to communicate with legacy systems.

An Event streaming usecase

PostNL CBS, one of the several business units of PostNL, takes care of all international shipping solutions for both import and export. The IT landscape of PostNL CBS is characterized by independent functional services which, by means of integrations, are jointly responsible for the settlement of the core business process. Because of the high volume of data, the relatively low complexity of the data to be integrated and the multiple use of the data produced, Event streaming was the perfect move for them.

Event streaming in a nutshell