Event Streaming

Event Streaming

Discover new possibilities for data distribution with eMagiz Event Streaming

eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS is the platform for all integration challenges. The platform supports different integration patterns, so that you always posses the best solution. Event streaming is one of the patterns within the eMagiz platform. Traditional and monolithic landscapes are rapidly changing into micro-services landscapes. Technological solution for business challenges are becoming increasingly decentral and the amount of data flows and the volume of data is growing exponentially. In some cases, that asks for a different way of working and technology. In a chain of applications and services, any link in the chain may require data from other sources and can be a data source on its own. With event streaming, a solution for this challenge can be constructed.

What is Event streaming?

In microservices landscapes there are often a large number of applictions, frameworks and datasources that exchange data and are each responsible for a specific part of the total landscape. By functional seperation, loose microservices are more easily and independently scalable. There are also additional advantages:

  • Each microservice is easily adjustable for a specific user group, for example with a modified user interface.
  • There is a higher degree of flexibility in terms of maintenance and updates windows, because each microservice can function independently.

For the above mentioned distributed system architecture, there are not only advantages, but also some conditions which the environment should fulfill: every microservice must be able to function in a distributed landscape, and must thus be able to read data from other sources and be able to publish own data to other sources. With traditional technology, it can be a challenge to accomplish this.

 eMagiz offers the technological tools to develop a generic data exchange layer and make it controllable for your organization. You can build your own event mesh, which is configurable, capable of processing high data volumes and can process the data events in your landscape. So that data exchange between your microservices is optimized.


To facilitate the event streaming integration pattern, eMagiz uses modern frameworks, including ActiveMQ Artemis and Apache Kafka. Event streaming requires a distributed technological architecture, which is cloud agnostic and can funtion both in the cloud as well as on-premises. The integration model is controllable from the eMagiz portal, offering you all the event streaming features you require.

Why Event streaming?

Differing from traditional messaging, event streaming allows you to publish data without building specific data integrations between one or more application. The sources publishes data in event format and other applications can subscribe to the event. The source knows who the subscribers are, but is not involved in processing the data. Data is offered in a “streaming” manner and not in the form of a guaranteed and processed message. This pattern is especially applicable for master data or transactional data in your landscape. The source publishes data and the subscribers decide for themselves how they process the data in their own context.

eMagiz - Event Streaming in eMagiz

The event streaming pattern is used to reliably, asynchronously and flexibly exchange business and data events between applications. Asynchronous traffic is used for data exchange in distributed systems, in which systems need not be active at the same time. Perfect in a microservice landscape. With eMagiz, event streams within your organization can be discoverd, designed, built, deployed and managed within your own eMagiz Event Mesh. Within this Event Mesh, all statistics, logging and other information about your events is available.

Besides one-on-one publication of events in your landscape, it’s also possible to combine multiple integration patterns in event streams.This way, content transformation can be applied for all or specific subscribers. Besides content transformation, protocol and data transformation are supported to easily implement XML, JSON or Avro in event streams. With eMagiz event streaming you posses modern technology to shape data exchange within your organization.

eMagiz - Event Streaming in eMagiz - Met transformatie

Advantages of Event streaming with eMagiz

  • Efficient data distribution in a microservice application landscape
  • Generic and unambiguous event-driven exchange
  • Persistency of historic data for master data distribution