Expert Services

Expert Services

To optimize your iPaaS platform experience, we have a wide range of eMagiz Expert Services. As part of our Enablement Program we can help you get your integration journey off to a flying start and quickly familiarize yourself with the eMagiz platform. Expert Services play an important role in our Enablement Program. Our team helps you to maximize your investments and provides specific services to support you during the implementation of the platform. 


In some cases, as a partner or client, you may need help with challenges that require expert skills that are not needed on a daily basis to deliver direct value to the client. In these situations, we can lend our services and knowledge to solve the problem. Examples include migrations, complex problems and complex integrations.


As product experts, we offer our partners and customers a whole range of advice on how to use the product in the best possible way. Compared to Audit, our Advice focuses on the future. This means that we provide advice before you start your challenge in eMagiz, so that we can have a direct impact on how these challenges are met. In several cases, we have conducted discoveries of integration landscapes, advised on integration architecture and designed complex integration scenarios.


As eMagiz Expert Services, we are constantly improving our product and its best practices. We are therefore proud to perform quality audits that help you (re)acquaint yourself with the new standards and give you concrete advice on the current state of affairs and how to get more out of your eMagiz implementation.


Our Guidance service allows you to receive guidance while working on your integration solutions in the product. In this way, we can guide you in phases so that you gain the necessary knowledge to work even better with the platform.


As a product, we are constantly developing our offering for the market. This also means making new features and functionalities available to our customer base. To get good feedback while implementing these new functionalities with actual customers, we want to innovate together with these customers through the "Beta" program. From Expert Services, we can offer our expertise and product knowledge to make the process of implementing the innovation run smoothly.


At eMagiz, we believe it is important to teach people how to use the products rather than performing the tasks for them. Therefore, we offer a wide range of training opportunities that can be taken to learn about the platform. These offers are available in addition to the standard learning and documentation offerings via See our Academy section voor meer informatie.

Hoe kunnen we je ondersteunen?

Heb jij hulp nodig bij het aanpakken van jouw integratie uitdaging, aarzal dan niet om contact met ons op te nemen. Onze experts ondersteunen je graag bij het oplossen van complexe problemen, het optimaliseren van jouw gebruik van het eMagiz platform en bieden je de begeleiding en training om ervoor te zorgen dat jij het maximale uit het platform haalt. Neem vandaag nog contact op en ontdek hoe we je kunnen helpen je integratie oplossing naar een hoger niveau te tillen. 


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