Integration Platform as a Service

Integration Platform as a Service

eMagiz: een Hybrid Low-Code Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

We are an original Dutch organization operating in the application- and data integrationmarket.The origins of the eMagiz platform can be traced back to Digital Transformation. In Digital Transformations, it is essential that organisations can respond quickly to changing circumstances with flexible and manageable integrations. eMagiz sees that companies that transform digitally to the maximum and efficiently are more successful and leading in their market. eMagiz wants to be the best and most logical choice to help companies do this.

That is why we offer you a platform that allows you to easily and conveniently integrate all your applications and systems, and optimally automate and manage your data flows. This is also called a Low-Code Enterprise integration Platform as a Service (Gartner, Forrester). 

What is an iPaaS?

An integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offers customers opportunities to realise integrations for processes, data, applications and APIs, where end-points can be located either on-premise or in the Cloud. Realising, deploying across environments (test, acceptance and production) and managing the integrations is done from the platform. eMagiz offers comprehensive functionality and therefore ranks among the Enterprise iPaaS platforms.

eMagiz is also a low-code platform. It allows you to model integration models visually instead of programming. This makes integration development more accessible and understandable, allowing your organisation to bridge the gap between business and IT. 

By using "Integration Life-cycle Management (ILM)" all specifications and definitions are defined in consultation with the business owners, and a model-driven approach allows integrations to be realised quickly. This allows organisations to better involve business owners in the process, and work with in-house staff who do not necessarily have a development background.

Why an Enterprise iPaaS?

In a competitive environment, you work on strategic themes through digital transformation programmes. Integrations with customers, suppliers, external information sources and applications are then of great importance. Within development projects, you will most likely run into the following trends:

Due to an increasing focus on fast application development en data driven services, the demand for integration is growing. Integration specialists are difficult to find in a currently scarce market. Furthermore, collaboration methods are changing, moving towards BizDevOps structures, in which teammembers can ideally fulfill multiple roles. Organizations are aiming for centralization of technologies from a cost saving perspective and are therefore looking for a uniform solution to their problems. eMagiz helps organizations accomplish these goals.

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Why eMagiz?

eMagiz is a Dutch iPaaS supplier, with the low-code platform you visually develop a flexible, scalable and secure integration model, that adheres to your compliancy demands. You integrate your data flows and develop a future-proof integration landscape that can easily adapt to changing circumstances and demands. The fully integrated Integration Lifecycle Management concept helps you to develop integrations quickly and without errors, ensuring that users without a technical background are able to develop integrations. This stops integration activities from bottlenecks in your development projects and allows you to progress with your Digital Transformation. By using flexible, standard components for messaging, API management and event streaming you always have the best solution for your integration challenges. eMagiz is relied upon by customers like Royal BAM N.V., PVNED and TVM Verzekeringen.