Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration

Digitalize your Supply Chain with eMagiz

Connect with trading partners in your supply chain using standardized and digitalized message exchange using eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS. 


Within the logistical sector, many organizations struggle with efficient and insightful message exchange over the entire supply chain. These organization are often also struggling to respond to changes and disruptments. A logistical Control Tower can be the answer to better handle these changes as well as speed up and improve decision making. In this setting, it’s crucial to manage many, accurate and digital data flows. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS can help in this process.

How can eMagiz help?

Numorous eMagiz customers integrate different information flows with both suppliers, customers and transporters. Digitalizing these flows increases the efficiency of processes like Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash. Using eMagiz, it is possible to realize any integration thanks to the large diversity of protocols, formats and connection methods that are supported. eMagiz integrations with cloudservices, standard software offerings like Exact, BluJay, CargoSmart or SAP and with on-premises legacy systems. eMagiz technology allows your organization to connect to any application. eMagiz has years of experience in realizing custom integration. Modern technology can simplify message exchange, for example by using an API Gateway. With an API Gateway, external parties have access to a self-service portal with which they can realize the integration, while still eliminating point-to-point connections.

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eMagiz has more than 12 years of experience with Supply Chain optimalization projects. The eMagiz platform offers all integration solutions your organization requires. Read more about our technology in Messaging, API gateways or Event Streaming or about supply chain optimalization in different markets.